Linda Fraser of Saint John, N.B., says it's "not fair" that she's been barred from riding her mobility scooter through the drive-thru at her local Tim Hortons.

Last week, Fraser says, she was told that her scooter is not allowed in the drive-thru for safety reasons. But Fraser insists the drive-thru is the only way she can pick up a coffee on her own, because she has trouble navigating her scooter inside the restaurant and she cannot stand up unassisted.

"It breaks my heart that I can't go there," Fraser told CTV Atlantic. She says she's been a regular customer at the restaurant for years, and there have never been any incidents involving her scooter.

"It's not fair, not after seven years of doing it," she said.

While the restaurant manager declined to comment on the matter, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons defended the decision.

"The safety of our guests is our utmost priority, therefore only vehicles licensed under the relevant motor vehicle legislation can be served at our drive-thru," the spokesperson said in a statement to CTV Atlantic, adding: "This restaurant location is fully wheelchair accessible."

Fraser’s brother, Peter Alward, now accompanies her on visits to the restaurant in order to bring her coffees from inside.

Alward says he was "devastated" to learn that his sister was no longer welcome in the drive-thru.

"She's here three or four times a week, every week, from the spring right up until late fall," he said. "They're taking away her independence."

With files from CTV Atlantic