A two-month-old infant who barely survived an accidental fentanyl overdose was released from a hospital in Sherbrooke, Que. Sunday evening.

Zabryna Delaney’s daughter, Alysse, had been born prematurely, by C-section, because she wasn’t getting enough nutrients from her mother’s placenta. On Dec. 19, Alysse was admitted to Sherbrooke’s Fleurimont Hospital for treatment of pneumonia.

At the hospital, Delaney says staff gave the baby three times the required amount of fentanyl.

“This whole situation is indescribable,” Delaney told CTV Montreal. “It’s shocking to know that my daughter entered the hospital for pneumonia... and it ended with her being treated for cardiac arrest.”

Alysse is now at home recovering with her parents and four siblings.

“She’s also withdrawing from the narcotics that she was under,” Delaney said.

The family is now considering legal action against the hospital, which is run by the University of Sherbrooke. They have also set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the potential legal action as well as lost income during Alysse’s lengthy hospitalization.

In a statement sent to CTVNews.ca, a hospital spokesperson said that “an internal investigation is underway.”

“(A) committee composed of various experts will be examining the entire event in order to better understand what happened that night and make recommendations,” they added. “Any incident does not automatically lead to consequences for the personnel involved. We must first determine the causes of the incident.”

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