A B.C. woman helped police find her stolen computer using an iPhone application that led them right to the alleged thieves' doorstep.

Lacey Forward of Langley, B.C. thought her iMac was long gone after it was stolen during a break-in at her home on Jan. 16. Then she got an alert on her phone this week telling her the computer was in use, thanks to the application 'Find My iPhone.'

"We went online and could see a little green dot showing that they were online," Forward told CTV Vancouver on Tuesday.

Forward had installed Apple's 'Find My iPhone' service on her iMac, and that allowed her to see when and where the computer was being used. She forwarded that information to the police, and three hours later, the computer was back in her possession.

Cpl. Holly Marks of Langley Police said it was relatively easy to recover the computer. Officers went to the address they received from Forward and saw the alleged thieves trying to escape out the back door.

"They were carrying an iMac computer with them, which probably wasn't the smartest idea," Marks said.

A 36-year-old man and a 38-year-old man are now in custody.

Marks advises others to follow Forward's example and allow the police to confront alleged thieves instead of doing it themselves.

"We don't want them going and knocking on doors and getting into altercations," she said.

Apple's 'Find my iPhone' application is a free service that allows users to locate a lost or stolen Apple device that's connected to the Internet. It can also be used to remotely lock a device against unwanted intruders.

With files from CTV Vancouver