Manitoba RCMP are using social media to give a voice to a teen girl who was found raped and murdered three decades ago, in hopes of finding new leads in a tragic cold case.

Kerrie Ann Brown, 15, was supposed to sleep over at her best friend Nicole’s house on Oct. 16, 1986. But at a party in Thompson, Man. that night, Kerrie’s ex-boyfriend showed up with a new girl. She left upset and never made it to the sleepover.

A pair of horseback riders found her body two days later on a trail north of the city. She had been sexually assaulted and her body poked with sticks.

“We’ve never stopped trying to find out who did this to Kerrie,” her brother, Trevor Brown, told CTV News Channel on Sunday from Thompson, Man.

“We’ve had our ear to the ground for three decades trying to find out who did this to Kerrie. We won’t stop and I assure you we’re going to find the people who did this and they’re gonna be brought to justice.”

Sunday marks the 30-year anniversary of Kerrie’s death. Officers are issuing tweets from her point of view in English and French using the hashtag #kerrie, and have changed the account’s profile photo to include her picture.

“I want to talk about the day I was killed. I want people to know what happened to me. I want the killer caught #rcmpmb #kerrie,” read one of several tweets posted on Sunday.

The tweets go beyond a straightforward appeal for information. Many include photos from the family, details about her last day alive, and personal information like the name of her stuffed bear.

Trevor hopes the unorthodox technique will jog the memory of someone who can help investigators.

“I think this would have been solved 30 years ago if social media existed then,” he said.

He believes people in the community have details that will help bring his sister’s killer to justice and help his family find some closure.

“Walk through the fear,” he pleaded. “We understand it was egregious, brutal. It’s hard to live with but it’s time to come forward.”