A Grade 4 student from Richmond, B.C. had his dream of becoming a police officer one day come true this week.

Ten-year-old Michael Cui, who has Down syndrome, recently made an on-camera appeal to the RCMP using his tablet, explaining that he wanted to help people when he grew up.

"When I grow up I want to be a police officer, I want to help people," Cui said in the message to police. 

But it turned out he didn’t have to wait to much longer to get his wish. The RCMP heard his appeal and made his dream come true this week.

An assembly was organized at Cui’s school and the young boy marched in with his new police friends, donning an RCMP uniform made just for him, in front of his schoolmates. 

Richmond RCMP Cpl. Kevin Krygier, who was the one who made it all happen, was also on hand at the school to make the very special announcement for the very special student.

“Today we are going to give Mike his wish and we are going to make him the honorary chief of police in the City of Richmond,” Krygier said.

Michael’s family was humbled by the RCMP’s gesture. “It is very important for us because Mike wants to be a policeman, so this is a dream job," said Michael's sister Giang Cui.

After the assembly, Cui was given the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of an RCMP cruiser while his friends high-fived him and listened to him speak through the cruiser intercom. 

“He's thrilled to be the chief for the day, so we're glad we gave him the opportunity,” Krygier said.

The director of the Down Syndrome Research Foundation, Pat Hanbury, saluted the RCMP for giving Cui such encouragement. 

“It is possible today that Mike could end up having a job with the RCMP in some capacity when he is older because that’s what kids do now with Down syndrome and other disabilities, they go to college and they get jobs in their communities,” Hanbury said. 

To remember his special day as honorary chief of police, Cui was given a memento: his very own RCMP business cards.