A woman whom Service Canada incorrectly registered as dead says she's still very much alive.

"I feel pretty good," Sharon Beggs, of Chilliwack, B.C., told CTV Vancouver on Monday.

Beggs says she learned of her untimely death from Service Canada, after the department sent her a letter demanding she return a recently-issued GST check because she was dead. Service Canada also said it was going to cancel her Old Age Security and disability payments.

"They said my files had been closed because I passed away," Beggs said.

The Chilliwack senior tried to sort the issue out with Service Canada by phone, but that only created more confusion. Service Canada told Beggs her daughters had declared her dead, but Beggs says she doesn't have any daughters.

"Do you know my daughters? Because I don't know my daughters," she told them.

CTV Vancouver accompanied Beggs to a Service Canada office on Monday, where she was brought back to life, legally-speaking.

"Mrs. Beggs was wrongfully registered as being deceased in Service Canada systems," the department told CTV News in a statement. Service Canada apologized and blamed human error for the problem, which it called an "extremely rare situation."

"We understand that this situation has been very disturbing for Mrs. Beggs, and our first priority was to ensure that she continued to receive her monthly benefits, which she did," Service Canada said.

With her benefits and her life restored, Beggs says she's still trying to wrap her head around her bizarre death and resurrection.

"It just kind of blows my mind that I've passed before my time," she said.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Ross McLaughlin