Police say that they have never encountered "anything" like the destruction found in a Calgary home after it was rented out to tenants using Airbnb over the weekend.

Const. Attila Horvath said at a news conference Wednesday he was shocked by the extent of the damage when he entered the Sage Hill area residence on Monday.

"It was almost anger; I couldn’t believe that someone could do that in three days to another person's home," said Horvath.

"In my nine years of policing, I have never seen anything like it," he added.

Horvath said that at least $50,000 to $75,000 worth of damage was done to the house.

Mark and Star King found the tenants through the popular short-term rental website Airbnb. The couple, who have two young children, thought that by renting their two-storey home they could make some extra money to fund their own travels.

The lodgers told them that they were in town for a wedding, and only four adults would be staying at the home.

They turned over the keys on Saturday, but shortly after they started receiving calls and texts from concerned neighbours.

One neighbour reported to police that a party bus rolled up and people started streaming into the home.

Police responded to three noise complaints between Saturday and Monday. But the three-day party wasn't shut down until police received a call about a fight in front of the house on Monday morning.

When they arrived, the altercation had already been broken up and there were three people outside the home.

Police said that they were "very uncooperative" and wouldn't give any information about the renter.

It was at this time that the homeowners returned and asked the tenants to leave.

"Girls were wasted on my deck, just totally out of it, so I pleaded with them and said: 'would you girls please just pack up your stuff and leave my home? I'm begging you; I have babies that live here – this is my home,'" Star told CTV Calgary.

Roughly an hour later, Horvath says that between 15 to 20 people left and they were able to enter the home.

"You could see that there was significant damage to the house, especially in the living room," said Horvath.

"The couch was broken, all the cushions were off … there's a table broken, there's glass all over the floor (and) there's ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce all over the floors and on the walls," he added.

Mark King said that the tenants' actions left him feeling violated.

"I mean, this is our home. This is our sanctuary," Mark said.

Photos from the couple's Instagram also showed the extent of the destruction, but the account has since been set to private.

Couch pillows that had been covered with stains and torn open were piled up in the hallway of the home.

Garbage had also been strewn on the floor and the furniture was littered with cigarette butts, spills and other items left over by partygoers.

Horvath said that because of the "bodily fluids" -- including urine, semen and vomit -- that were left in the home the couple will have to enlist professional cleaners.

In a video posted to YouTube, one police officer who is attending the home says he has never seen such extensive damage.

"You know what even when I was younger I had my fair share of party days and I've never been privy to something like this," the officer said.

"This is disgusting," he added.

Police have reached out to the renter of the property and the Crown is exploring pursuing charges of mischief to property over $5,000.

The couple posted to Instagram saying that they were "thankful" to Airbnb for providing coverage under its Host Guarantee, which offers up to $ 1 million in insurance "in the rare event of guest damages which are not resolved directly with the guest."