A hunter has come under fire for the way he transported his kill on the back of his truck.

A picture circulating on social media, which shows a deer carcass hanging off the rear of the vehicle, has sparked outrage among some in Saskatoon.

Julia Rempel, who commented on the Facebook post, told CTV Saskatoon she found it “disrespectful.”

“Usually it’s in the back of a truck, not on display for everyone to see,” she said.

“Good for you, I’m glad your family isn’t going to be hungry tonight.”

The post has had lots of reaction. While some don’t see any fault, others called it distasteful.

A conservation officer said that while it was not common practice it was not illegal, and he reminded hunters to be considerate.

“There are those that are opposed to hunting and this could just add fuel to the fire,” Rich Hildebrand said.

The picture also shows a quad bike taking up most of the room in the back of the truck and Rempel suggested taking two trips for it and the deer.

“Hunting is necessary to keep the population of deer down, I think it’s a big part of Saskatchewan culture, but there’s a better way to take your prize home,” she said.

--- With a report from CTV Saskatoon’s Saron Fanel