NEW GLASGOW, N.S. -- A human skull discovered by crews demolishing a New Glasgow, N.S., high school remains a mystery.

The skull was found by construction workers inside the former Temperance Street School last July 30.

New Glasgow Regional Police said Friday it has been determined it does not belong to any missing persons in that part of Nova Scotia, and investigators have sent the DNA profile to other forces nationwide for a possible match elsewhere.

The century-old school is being converted into apartments. At the time of the skull's discovery, the owner of the construction company told CTV News that it appeared quite old, and was missing its bottom half.

Constable Ken Macdonald said Friday investigators did confirm the skull was not being used for educational purposes at the school.

"Lab specimens, instructional skulls, if you will, are clearly indicated. They quickly ruled that out," said Macdonald.

"Our main mission is to get the info out and hopefully it will assist another agency to identify a DNA profile they're looking for."