Ontario Provincial Police have confirmed that a human foot washed up on the beaches of Georgian Bay earlier this month, near Meaford, Ont.

A contractor working in the area near a cottage made the gruesome discovery.

Police said the foot belongs to an adult. No further details have been released as forensic specialists and the local coroner continue to investigate.

No swimmers or boaters have been reported missing.

The find has caused quite a stir in the town of just over 11,000, located about 200 kilometres northwest of Toronto.

“I didn’t know there were so many cruisers in Grey County,” Meaford resident Ken Hudson told CTV Barrie.

With high winds and waves pushing more debris from the water onto the shoreline every day, residents are worried about what will turn up next.

“We’d just like to know why, when and how this happened,” resident Chris Emerson said. “Do we have to keep looking for more?”

With a report from CTV Barrie’s Roger Klein