After the Toronto Transit Commission was forced to divert a busy streetcar route, Coors Light might be rethinking their latest promotion.

A suspicious box was seen attached to a railing at a TTC streetcar stop at Dundas Street and Spadina Street. The package, a silver briefcase, turned out to be part of a Coors Light contest where Twitter followers “search and rescue” the boxes to win a prize.

After the TTC had to divert one of their streetcar lines, one Twitter user discovered the problem – and the TTC wasn’t amused.

Coors Light responded with an apology, saying they were working to fix the situation as they continued to tweet at other contest winners. Some commuters responded, voicing their displeasure with the disruption that delayed their trips home from work.

At around 9 p.m., Coors Light apparently ended the contest, tweeting "All adventures must come to an end," and apologizing to those who were disrupted.