It's been awfully tough to sleep at night for residents of an apartment complex in Glace Bay, N.S., where a seemingly bottomless sinkhole has them worried it'll swallow up their home.

The mysterious sinkhole first appeared near the apartment complex last year, and has continued to grow despite efforts to fill it with rocks and gravel. Residents say they're concerned they'll have to move out if it grows big enough to affect the building itself.

"It feels like, every time you turn your back to it, it grows a little bit more," Blair Brewer, who lives in the building, told CTV Atlantic.

Resident Stephen Boutilier, who lives on the side of the building near the hole, says it's been "concerning" to see it growing so close to his bedroom.

"I moved my bed out of there and took it up to the front room," he said. "I'm not sleeping I'm there while she's (sic) still collapsing."

Jesse Bainbridge said she's also concerned about seeing the hole so close to her home. "It's pretty scary, especially when you wake up every morning and this is the first thing that you see," she said. "How big is the hole today? Has it hit the edge of the building today?

Bainbridge says she's tried to see how deep the hole goes, but it's simply too far down to know for sure. "We've tried powerful flashlights and measuring tapes to go down to the bottom… and we can't see it," she said. She added that she's thrown rocks down the hole, but she's never heard them hit the bottom. "It's kind of scary once it opens up. It's pretty deep," she said.

The owners of the property say the safety of their tenants is their top priority. They added that they plan to hire an expert to get to the bottom of the problem.

A fence is currently in place to keep people from stumbling into the apparent abyss.

With files from CTV Atlantic