A man’s wedding proposal on a hot air balloon didn’t go exactly as planned but his girlfriend still said yes -- and both are excited to have an “awesome” story to tell.

Christine Peters says she had wanted to go for a ride in a hot air balloon ever since she was a little girl. She’d wish for it “upon a star” or when blowing out birthday candles.

Peters’ partner Stephen Martin made that dream come true on Saturday when they boarded one in Edmonton along with about 10 others.

Then, another dream came true. He pulled out an engagement ring. Peters said yes.

“All of a sudden, we're still 30 or 40 feet up in the air and just the whole thing shakes and you hear like cracking of branches and we're in a tree,” Peters says.

The balloon was freed but hit another tree. It then crashed in a farmer’s field. No one was seriously injured.

Martin says they weren’t even frightened, “which is surprising seeing as how I don’t like heights.”

“Looking at it now,” he adds, “I’m actually glad we went out because it was kind of like a crazy adventure … plus, seeing how I proposed to her too, it makes for an awesome story.”

Peters agreed with her new fiancé. “It does make an awesome story.”

With a report from CTV Edmonton's Susan Amerongen