An investigation is underway after a homeowner's surveillance video appeared to show someone wearing a Canada Post uniform taking a FedEx package from his front doorstep.

The video, which was captured by a security camera at the front door of a Coquitlam home, appears to show a delivery person approaching the door with one package in her arm, then leaving with two.

The security video from Nov. 3 shows two deliveries took place that day. The first delivery, from FedEx, shows a man leaving a white soft-sided envelope on the doorstep. Ninety minutes later, a woman in a Canada Post uniform can be seen approaching the door with a large brown box. She spends a few moments waiting for an answer to her knock on the door, then steps briefly out of frame and can be seen crouching down.

She leaves a moment later, carrying both the brown box and the white package, as shown in the video.

The homeowner says he was clued into the alleged mail theft when he discovered a FedEx receipt for the package he never received. "We expected somebody walked up and took the package. This is quite normal if you don't answer the front door," the homeowner said. "But I never expected Canada Post would do the same thing."

Canada Post is looking into the matter, and confirmed the woman in the video has been identified and taken off the job.

"We are taking this matter seriously," a spokesperson told CTV Vancouver. "An investigation was launched immediately and is currently underway."

With files from CTV Vancouver