A homeless man from Langford, B.C., whose honest desire to do the "right thing" by turning in more than $2,000 he found on a suburban Victoria street, is set to cash in on that good karma.

RCMP are looking to track down the Good Samaritan, who is in his 60s, to tell him that his good deed will be rewarded. His actions inspired a GoFundMe campaign that has raised more than $3,100 as of Tuesday night. The funds will be split between the yet-to-be-identified man and a local community centre dedicated to helping vulnerable people.

Very little is known about the man who found the cash and brought it in to the West Shore RCMP detachment on Monday.

The Mounties were blown away by the fact that despite his current situation, the man wanted the large sum of cash to find its way to back to the pockets of its rightful owner.

"This is an incredible display of honest and selflessness," Const. Alex Berube said in statement.

After hearing about the man's honourable act, social media site Victoria Buzz started the GoFundMe page, hoping to reward him.

"He's a good guy, he turned in the money (and) he did a good deed," Mike Kelly, founder of Victoria Buzz, told CTV Vancouver.

And the donations have poured in, exceeding the $2,400 goal in less than 24 hours.

Employees at a local bottle depot are also collecting donations and hoping to track down the man.

"Maybe this could help him out, get a job and a home," said Glen Barron, a worker at Alpine Disposal and Recycling.

"It just goes to show, it doesn't matter how much you have or what you want – it's the right thing to do," said fellow bottle-depot employee Zack Andres.

Berube told The Canadian Press that police patrols are on the lookout for the man, who has no fixed address, but is known in Langford.

If the rightful owner of the money is not found within 90 days, police will give it back to him.

Several people have contacted the RCMP, staking claim to the cash. However none have to able to provide the correct details about the denominations or where it may have been found.

To prevent false claims and protect the integrity of the investigation, police have also withheld information about when and where the homeless man came across the money.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Bhinder Sajan and The Canadian Press