A home built by volunteers was ransacked and vandalized shortly before its new owner moved in.

Dwayne Dalton says it was “disheartening” to see all the damage on his first visit to his new home in Whitney Pier, N.S.

Dalton recently showed up at the home to prepare for his move-in, only to find that couches had been slashed, cupboard doors had been yanked off their hinges and a shed had been demolished.

There was plenty of other damage as well, including holes in the home’s walls, broken closet doors and a destroyed trampoline. Dalton estimates the total cost of the damage at more than $20,000.

“This house was built out of love, but it was left out of hate,” he told CTV Atlantic.

Volunteers helped build the house for Dalton, who spent more than two years in hospital after a previous home renovation attempt left him with near-fatal burns.

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald