A Calgary family awoke Boxing Day morning to find a half-naked, screaming man who had broken into their home and assaulted two of the residents inside.

Police have yet to identify the suspect, who is believed to be in his 20s. He was arrested at the scene and remains in custody. 

Police began receiving calls about a man walking without shoes in the West Hillhurst neighbourhood at around 5 a.m. Wednesday. Neighbours reported that the man continued to take off articles of clothing as he made his way along the street, as the temperature plunged to well below freezing.

“He was half-clad,” one neighbour, wishing to remain anonymous, told CTV Calgary. “That’s why I phoned the police, I was worried he was going to freeze to death and end up in a snow bank.”

Police said the man approached a home and aggressively banged on the front door until the glass shattered. He then climbed through the door and into the home.

Inside was a woman in her 80s, a couple in their 60s and another couple in their 20s.

“It’s absolutely unreal,” said Insp. Paul Stacey. “On Boxing Day you can imagine they’re probably expecting to wake up in the morning and have a coffee, but then this happens instead. It’s just absolutely unreal, to have some … individual break into your house and start assaulting you.”

Police said the man was still fighting with one of the individuals inside when officers arrived at the home.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment after receiving cuts to his foot.

Police said charges against the man are pending.

With a report from CTV Calgary’s Bill Marks