A U.S. college student’s hail-Mary shot at a date with Eugenie Bouchard has finally come full circle, with the pair in Minnesota for this year’s Super Bowl game as a tribute to their now-famous Twitter bet.

NFL Canada invited Bouchard, 23, and John Goehrke, a.k.a. Twitter user @punslayinthewoods, to attend the game in Minnesota, as a nod to their much-hyped bet last year, from which Goerkhe won a date with the Canadian tennis star.

The two have posted several photos of themselves together at Super Bowl weekend, and were running the NFL Canada Twitter account for a Q&A session earlier in the day.

Goehrke told one user that meeting Bouchard in person was surprising, because she “is very down to earth and a very nice normal human being.”

He added: “She’s just not what you’d expect out of the celebrity athlete, and that was very good to know and refreshing the first time I met her.”

Bouchard thanked him for his kind words in the video. “That’s so nice John,” she said.

Goerkhe made the bet with Bouchard during last year’s Super Bowl, while the Atlanta Falcons were leading the New England Patriots in the game. “I knew Atlanta would win btw,” she tweeted mid-game.

“If patriots win we go on a date?” Goerkhe replied, to which Bouchard said: “Sure.”

The two took in a basketball game together 10 days later. But it didn’t stop there, as Goerkhe has made a few cameo appearances with Bouchard on her Instagram account in the months since that first date.


He says it's his best date ever! ��

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