An underage deer is nursing a hangover after police were called to remove it from a bar in Oshawa, Ont., several hours after last call.

Security camera footage shows the one-year-old stag crashing through a window into The Atria, at approximately 11:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Sgt. Micah Wagenberg said it was one of at least three deer seen on Sunday in the city roughly 60 kilometres east of Toronto. Another deer crashed into MPP Jennifer French’s office earlier in the day.

Sgt. Wagenberg told Toronto news station CP24 that police considered using blankets to capture the roughly 35-kilogram animal, but they were concerned that he “might start throwing hooves and cut us.”

“Our concern when we first got in there was that he was bleeding pretty heavily,” Sgt. Wagenberg added.

Sgt. Wagenberg said that police contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources who called veterinarian Dr. Sherri Cox for assistance.

Dr. Cox, from the National Wildlife Centre, told CTV Toronto that she and her team were attending to his wounds and will release him into the wild after the tranquilizers wear off.

“He had several significant lacerations that need sutures,” she said.

Sgt. Wagenberg said the deer did surprisingly little damage to the bar.

“Within about half an hour he settled right down and was watching us watching him,” he said.

Kerry Khoe, an employee of the bar, said she was shocked by what happened.

“I guess it was thirsty for a beer,” she joked.