Just as one door shuts, another one opens.

A group of Calgary veterans have banded together to help other former military members with the creation of a new food bank that will open after the facility now in operation closes next year.

In July, Alberta Legion Command Staff said the Veterans Food Bank facility in Calgary would close its doors for good once its lease expires in January 2019.

The Legion blamed staffing and funding issues for the closure and said fundraising for it had become increasingly difficult. The food bank also conflicts with the guidelines of the Poppy Fund, which provides financial support to veterans and their families, according to the Legion.

Retired Air Force captain Dan McLean said the food bank was a great help to veterans who won’t visit a regular facility.

“The reason there’s a separate food bank is because a veteran won’t go to a regular food bank because they would think they’re taking food away from someone who needs it,” he explained to CTV Calgary on Tuesday.

Eric Nauss, the spokesperson for the newly formed Veterans Food Bank group, said they have financial commitments from the private sector and they will be appealing to past donors for funding as well.

“The turnout was great and this came together relatively quickly and to see this many people here to support it just goes to show you how valuable and how much in need this group really is,” he said following the announcement.

The group said they plan to work with the old food bank’s organizers to use its equipment and supplies. They also said they’re considering opening multiple locations.

With a report from CTV Calgary’s Shaun Frenette