A woman's racist rant has gone viral, after she berated employees at a Toronto-area Chinese supermarket for not speaking English.

In the video, which was recorded at the Foody Mart in Scarborough, Ont. on Friday, a Caucasian woman in a motorized wheelchair can be seen shouting at several employees at a hot food counter, after they told her they do not speak English.

"They should go back to China," the woman tells one man, who appears to be trying to mediate the situation. "Go back to China! This is Canada," she says.

She then makes an incorrect claim in stating: "If you're going to work here, it is the law to know English."

According to the Official Languages Act, only employees at federal institutions are required to provide service in French or English.

Frank Hong, the 15-year-old student who recorded the video, says other customers tried to defuse the situation by offering to translate for the woman. However, the woman refused to co-operate.

"I put this video out to show the world that racism and xenophobia and bigotry still exists in Canada, and we really need to work together to stop it," Hong told CTV Toronto on Sunday.

The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Employees at the supermarket say the woman berated staff for approximately 15-20 minutes on Friday.

No official complaints have been filed in connection with the incident, and police say they have not launched an investigation.

With files from CTV Toronto