Remember those gas nozzle locking clips that drivers used to pump their gas hands-free? Well, they’re coming back to Canada after being gone for nearly 20 years, Petro-Canada said on its blog.

Part of the reason for this is to prevent people from jamming coffee cups in the holders and spilling gasoline. According to a post on Petro Canada’s blog, the company is bringing the locking clips back to its gas stations across Canada, except in Quebec where they’re illegal.

The post explained that the locking clips were removed from gas stations in Canada in 2002, supposedly for safety reasons. Seventeen years ago, there was worry that drivers would forget they’d inserted it into the car, drive away and spill excess fuel.

But Petro-Canada said the risk of spills have been greatly reduced due in part to both newer gasoline flow rate regulations (currently set at 38 litres per minute) and vehicles’ current onboard technology.

However, the return of the locking clips is largely being driven by a different set of safety concerns.

"In the absence of locking clips, we have seen guests insert objects (e.g. gas cap, coffee cup) into the nozzle, thereby causing gasoline spills," Stasy Presutto, Petro-Canada's manager of environment, health and safety, said in the post.

“This means you can wash your windshield or even get back in your car to stay warm,” the post went on to read.

But if you’re looking to grab a snack inside the store as you pump -- no such luck. The blog post explains that drivers can’t go into the store until they’re done pumping.

They also have to stay within 7.5 metres of their car.