He could be Ford’s most loyal customer – from owning the Model-T, first released in 1908, to rolling off the lot in his latest SUV - there’s no keeping 100 year old Earl Wilson off the road.

Driving enthusiast Wilson has been a loyal Ford customer for nearly a century since owning and driving the world’s first mass-produced automobile – the Model T.

Now 100 years young as of last week, Wilson is still on the road and has just driven off a dealership lot in his latest Ford SUV.

The retired Ford employee of 35 years has taken the driving test for decades now and passes every time.

Ontario law requires drivers from 80 years of age to take a test every two years, which includes vision, a driver record review and if necessary, a road test.

“Well I'm excited, don't know how you say it, I’m excited,” the Windsor, Ont., resident told CTV News Toronto on getting his new wheels.

With seven daughters and several grandchildren in neighbouring Chatham, he often drives there to see them. He once took a buddy on a road trip to Nova Scotia.

“We try to keep track of him as much as we can,” Wilson’s eldest daughter Vernetta Riley said.

“But it's hard ‘cause he likes to get out and go. Sometimes one will call me and say ‘Nat, dad was here, make sure he got back home.’

“Oh sure we're concerned but y'know he has his right mind, he's very independent.”

Wilson now has more incentive to stay behind the wheel, after Windsor auto dealer Terry Rafih promised him a new car when Wilson turns 110.

“I will say this to everyone: we will deliver a brand new vehicle to Mr. Wilson a Ford Escape, maybe a Mustang,” Rafih pledged.