Conservation officers in British Columbia have euthanized a deer that made headlines around the world after being filmed playfully nuzzling up to an amused teen.

The fearless buck that starred a YouTube video seen by more than 500,000 viewers was destroyed earlier this week by conservation officers in Coldstream, B.C., located just north of Kelowna.

The deer -- who some nicknamed John Deer -- was sighted a number of times in the North Okanagan area.

Since the creature showed little fear around people, it is believed that the deer was raised by humans.

Conservation officers said they destroyed the two-point buck because it had the potential to become aggressive and unpredictable, especially during mating season.

The deer became an Internet sensation early last month after a YouTube video was uploaded showing the friendly deer rubbing its antlers up against B.C. teen Miles Higgins while he sits on a beach.

Others in the region believe the deer was the same one who recently tangled its antlers in a child's backpack while trying to play with kids at a local playground during the first week of school.

With files from CTV British Columbia and The Canadian Press