CHILLIWACK, B.C. - A close friend of a British Columbia father suspected of killing his family says he tried desperately to reach the man and his sister after reading a disturbing Facebook posting.

Randy Janzen apparently posted on Thursday that he had shot his 19-year-old daughter Emily, to end her suffering from severe migraines, before killing his wife Laurel and sister Shelly.

Brian Jones, who grew up with Janzen, says he saw the letter shortly after it was published and had a terrible feeling it was real because it was signed "Love Daddio."

He says he tried frantically to call Janzen but he didn't answer, so he drove with a friend to Shelly's Langley home, where they found stacks of days-old newspapers on her doorstep.

Jones says they thought about kicking the door down but decided instead to drive to the police station, where officers confirmed they had received calls about the Facebook post.

Homicide investigators say several members of one family, including the suspect, are dead at two crime scenes in B.C.'s Fraser Valley, but they have not released identities.