MONTREAL -- The former head of the Quebec provincial police force is among four former top cops facing fraud, theft and breach of trust charges.

Charges filed in Montreal name Richard Deschenes, the force's former director-general, former assistant director Steven Chabot, Alfred Tremblay, a former assistant director of investigations, and Jean Audette, another ex-assistant director in charge of investigations.

The group is charged with fraud and breach of trust in the performance of their duties and stealing more than $5,000 from the Quebec government and the provincial police force.

The charges say the acts allegedly committed by Deschenes, Chabot and Tremblay were committed on or around March 17, 2010, while those allegedly committed by Audette happened between Oct. 27, 2011, and Oct. 15, 2012.

Deschenes stepped down unexpectedly and was replaced by Mario Laprise in October, 2012.

The Crown prosecutor's office confirmed the charges in a news release.

It also pointed out that in December 2012, Quebec Public Security Minister Stephane Bergeron ordered an internal inquiry, which led to the creation of a special team of investigators.

Crown spokesman Jean Pascal Boucher says the accusations were laid after "an analysis of all the proof and detailed work" which was carried out during the investigation.

All four have been summoned to appear in court on Feb. 13.