Canada has signed a new air deal with the U.K. to ensure passengers have the same access to routes between the two countries after Brexit.

The U.K.’s transport secretary Chris Graylng announced the air services agreement last week, which replaces the current EU aviation contract.

“This new aviation arrangement between the U.K. and Canada will further strengthen the strong economic and cultural bonds shared between our countries,” Grayling said.

“International cooperation is essential to a thriving economy and this latest arrangement continues to build momentum for the U.K. as we leave the EU and take a more prominent position on the world stage.”

The deal follows the U.K. government’s recent announcement of a new air services arrangement with the United States.

Since 2012, the number of passengers travelling between the U.K. and Canada has increased steadily, with more than 3.5m people travelling between the two countries last year.

Trade between the U.K. and Canada was worth £17.5 billion, around $29 billion Canadian, last year.