Spring has finally sprung, but Canadians will have to wait another few weeks for warmer weather to arrive.

Environment Canada meteorologist Marie-Eve Giguere said cold air is expected to linger in many parts of Canada for about one more month.

“Unfortunately I have no good news here, this cold air that’s been affecting most of the prairies, northern Ontario, southern Ontario, Quebec, part of the East Coast, is not going anywhere soon,” Giguere told CTV News Channel Thursday afternoon.

Giguere said parts of northwestern Ontario can claim to have experienced their coldest winter on record due to this “stubborn weather pattern.”

“The persistence is to blame, so the cold settled over the region and just stayed,” Giguere said. “We had a few breaks but overall the cold air never really went far.”

Snowfall and winter storm warnings were in effect for parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick on Thursday, with special weather statements for Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario.

Here’s a breakdown of the weather across Canada on the first day of spring:

  • Yellowknife: -20 C, partly cloud
  • Vancouver: 8 C, mainly sunny
  • Calgary: -4 C, light snowshower
  • Edmonton: -9 C, light snow
  • Saskatoon: 2 C, partly cloudy
  • Winnipeg: -3 C, mostly cloudy
  • Ottawa: 2 C, light snow
  • Toronto: 2 C, partly cloudy
  • Montreal: 2 C, mostly cloudy
  • Quebec City: 0 C, light snow

And for those hoping for a sunny Easter, Giguere said it’s still too soon to tell whether there will be a change in the weather pattern.

“Things are warming up, just slowly; it’s just a slow start,” she said. “We’re about one month behind what we’re supposed to be seeing at this time.”

Meanwhile, frustrated Canadians took to Twitter Thursday to express their displeasure with the wintry spring weather.