A southern Ontario father is questioning why nobody jumped in to stop a fight involving his son, even though there were many witnesses – some of whom decided to record video of the fight rather than break it up.

The fight occurred Nov. 2 at Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School in Cambridge, Ont.

Darcy Sage told CTV Kitchener he was “outraged” to see the video and “disappointed to see how many people were recording it with their cell phones versus trying to diffuse the problem.”

Video of the fight was posted to an Instagram account. It shows the boy and another student throwing wild punches at each other in a school hallway as a large crowd watches on. Sage said his son suffered a mild concussion in the fight.

The Instagram account, which also contained a separate video of two girls fighting, was taken down on Tuesday.

Waterloo Regional Police say a student was arrested and charged with assault in connection with the fight.

With a report from CTV Kitchener’s Nicole Lampa