A woman in Waterloo, Ont. says her family is shaken after a cinder block was thrown through the window of their home earlier this week.

Jean Costello said she and her husband were awakened by a loud noise early Wednesday morning. They soon discovered that a cinder block had been thrown through their front window.

Making the incident even more alarming, is that the cinder block landed near her infant son James’ baby swing.

“Any time of day, my son might be in that swing, he’s only three months old, we’re up at all hours of the night,” Costello said.

The incident follows another frightening occurrence at their home earlier in the week. Costello’s husband was taking out the garbage when he was approached by young adults in a car. Costello said at least one of the passengers yelled a death threat as they passed by her husband.

She’s heard about a “history of vandalism” in the area from neighbours, but said she has no previous issues at her home.

Costello lives next to a house at which a keg party was broken up by police on St. Patrick’s Day last week. But Costello said her family wasn’t home for the most of the day on March 17.

“We felt that there was likely going to be some parties in the neighbourhood, and just didn’t want to be a part of it,” she told CTV Kitchener.

When they returned home late on St. Patrick’s Day, Costello said they didn’t see much litter or evidence of partying.

The incidents have not been linked, however the neighbourhood association is suggesting there is a connection to the vandalism and death threat incident.

The group posted a message to Facebook, suggesting the cinder block was a “gift” for shutting down the keg party.

Waterloo Regional Police said they are investigating both incidents and are asking witnesses to come forward.

With a report by CTV Kitchener