A family from Vaughan, Ont. has been reunited with their goldendoodle, Roxy, after they said they had to surrender the animal to a veterinary clinic when they couldn’t afford to pay $8,000 for emergency surgery.

After picking Roxy up, Natasha Goodman thanked CTV Toronto’s Pat Foran, who initially reported on the story last week.

“I don’t think I would have got Roxy back had it not been for you,” Goodman said.

Several days after undergoing a routine spay procedure earlier this month, four-month-old Roxy developed complications and was rushed to Willowdale Animal Hospital.

“The doctor said that we had to pay $8,000 for the surgery, and I had said that I wasn’t able to afford that or pay for that,” Goodman had previously told CTV Toronto. “She said my other option was to surrender the dog to her clinic.”

Concerned for her pet, Goodman surrendered Roxy to the hospital, meaning that it could keep the puppy. Goodman said that she instantly regretted the decision.

“My kids ask me every day, ‘When is she coming back?’” Goodman had told CTV Toronto. “It’s like I’m stuck in a little nightmare.”

Goodman said that after several attempts on her part, the animal hospital finally contacted her to seek a resolution after CTV Toronto aired her story on Feb. 23.

“Emergency surgery was performed, at no cost,” a spokesperson for the clinic said in a statement sent to CTV Toronto. “We have been diligently and ethically working with Natasha Goodman… We are pleased to confirm that Roxy has been reunited with her family.”

Roxy appeared to be wildly excited on Monday when reunited with Goodman -- a feeling that seemed to be mutual.

“She looks very good,” Goodman said. “I’m so excited for my children to see her… It’s a great feeling to have a family member back.”

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Pat Foran and Rachael D'Amore