Rats and mice are known to frequent subway stations. Pigeons, too, find their way in. But foxes?

A Montreal Metro rider posted a photo to Facebook Sunday of a young fox that had found its way onto the tracks of the McGill station, in the city’s downtown.

The anonymous poster said the fox was howling, “like he was crying.”

Though some commented that the photo couldn’t possibly be real, officials with the Montreal subway system, Société de transport de Montréal, confirmed the fox was indeed in the station on Friday.

In an email to CTV Montreal, an STM spokesperson said police captured the fox inside the station. They added they had no idea how the pup got there.

"It is extremely rare to see wild animals in our network," spokesperson Amelie Regis told CTV Montreal.

The fox has been released on nearby Ile-Ste-Helene, which the STM noted was “a more fitting habitat.”