Video of a helpful bus driver assisting an elderly woman in Guelph, Ont., has gone viral.

The video shows the driver parking his bus and getting out to escort the woman to the door from several metres away. The video was posted to Imgur on Thursday, and had accumulated more than 377,000 views by Monday morning.

"Thank you bus driver," Dan Kochkovski, who posted the video, wrote in the caption. "You are a hero to many! This is a clear example of our Canadian culture."

Exemplary Canadian - Thank you "Guelph Transit Bus Driver". You are a HERO TO MANY - (Guelph, ON, Canada)

"It's a great story and one that we obviously like to see," Colleen Clack, Guelph's deputy chief administrative officer of public services, told in a phone interview.

Efforts are underway to identify the driver and recognize him for his good deed, she said. Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie is also eager to meet with the driver to thank him for making the city proud.

"We will be doing whatever we can to recognize him," Clack said, adding that it's clear the driver acted without any expectation of a reward. "I don't think he even realizes he's being videoed," she said of the clip.

Guelph Transit acknowledged the video with a retweet on Friday.

"Thank you for sharing this #amazing story of transit customer service in action," Guelph Transit wrote on Twitter. "This operator does us proud!"