A former Winnipeg police officer serving a prison sentence for sexually assaulting 11 young women was found dead in jail Tuesday.

Richard Dow was found slumped over in the shower at the Headingley Correctional Institute Tuesday morning, sources told CTV Winnipeg.

Corrections officers tried to revive him, but were unsuccessful.

The cause of Dow’s death is unclear. RCMP would only say they are investigating the death of an inmate at the facility.

Dow pleaded guilty last year to 11 counts of sexual assault and was supposed to serve 16 months in prison.

Court had heard that Dow’s victims were all young females between the ages of 17 and 23. He met them while moonlighting as a modelling agent before retiring from the police force in 2007.

In a separate trial, Dow was found not guilty of sexually assaulting a young woman in 2000.

With a report from CTV’s Caroline Barghout