A man who called himself a “Freeman-on-the Land” and declared an Alberta woman’s rental property his “embassy” has been ordered to leave the house this weekend.

A Court of Queen’s Bench has ruled that Andreas Pirelli must pay the rent and utilities owed, and leave the Calgary duplex by 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Retiree Rebekah Caverhill said she rented the place to Pirelli for free in exchange for his doing some renovations there. But she says he gutted the bathroom and the kitchen, changed the locks and declared the property a sovereign embassy.

Rather than pay full rent, Caverhill said Pirelli sent her a $26,000 bill for his handiwork and put a lien on the house.

Caverhill said he ignored an eviction notice, with the explanation that he was part of the “Freemen-on-the Land” movement and that Canadian laws do not apply to him.

Now that the courts have sided with her, Caverhill told CTV Calgary she’s relieved.

“I guess they are going to send a bailiff out with police to make sure there’s no problem,” she said.

“Once that’s over I’ll feel a lot better. I don’t know how much damage is inside because I haven’t been in.”

Pirelli was not in court Tuesday to hear the judgement. He sent a representative who refused to give his name or approach the bench.

Pirelli refused CTV News’ requests for comment. 

With a report from CTV Calgary