A Canadian YouTuber captured an epic wolf versus moose battle deep in the Ontario wilderness in a video that has surged in popularity online.

Dan Nystedt was using a drone to shoot a moose majestically surveying its surroundings, standing in the shallow water near the shore of a pristine lake. A wolf abruptly emerges from the tree line, interrupting Nystedt’s tranquil vision of natural beauty.

The fight that ensues has been viewed more than 1.7 million times online since it was posted on Monday. Popular podcaster and natural predator enthusiast Joe Rogan retweeted the video to his 3.6 million strong Twitter audience on Tuesday. The tweet has been liked more than 750 times and retweeted by more than 200 people.

The wolf was the clear aggressor, wading into the water towards the moose.

The moose uses its size advantage throughout the six minutes of footage, keeping the wolf at a distance with its powerful hooves. The pair charge and retreat several times before the wolf makes its move, sinking its teeth deep into the moose’s massive leg.

The moose eventually drags the wolf into deeper water as the fight intensifies, circling and kicking at its persistent opponent. The aggressive canine doggedly holds on.

The pair separate after the moose submerges into the water and marches away, turning periodically as the wolf swims in pursuit.

The wolf makes a last effort, bounding through the water towards the moose, but to no avail.