Environment Canada has confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in southwestern Ontario Friday evening, downing power lines and destroying farm properties across the region.

The two tornadoes touched down in Leamington, Ont., a community about 350 kilometres southwest of Toronto, and the area of Hawkesville, Ont., near Kitchener.

While serious damage was reported to several properties, no injuries have been reported.

The first tornado touched down around 5:40 pm. in Leamington after a thunderstorm moved in from Lower Michigan. The intense winds reached 130 kilometres per hour and damaged solar panels and a greenhouse in the area.

Around 7:30 p.m., a second tornado moved across Hawkesville, Ont. and travelled for an estimated 5 kilometres, eventually reaching the community of Maryhill.

The tornado lifted farm equipment weighing over a ton, including a fork lift, and caused sheds and farm buildings to be completely destroyed. Some power lines were snapped.

The second tornado was slightly more powerful than the first, with wind speeds estimated at 180 kilometres per hour.

Environment Canada confirmed the two tornadoes in a Saturday afternoon update.

Photos of the devastation were widely shared on social media on Saturday.