An Edmonton photographer is speaking out after a WestJet flight left her with some unwanted baggage.

Nicole Ashley Squires says she packed light for a quick vacation, stuffing a few hats, T-shirts and jeans into her suitcase before checking it at the airport.

But when she landed and picked up her bag in Kelowna, B.C., it had some extra weight.

Squires discovered a man's outfit and five cans of Coors Light beer tucked into her suitcase.

"I saw a man's outfit, jeans, one shoe, slippers, and five Coors Light," she told CTV Vancouver.

Startled, she took a photo and tweeted the image to the airline.

Then, the airline responded with another surprise.

WestJet spokesperson Robert Palmer said the remark was probably meant as a joke, but Squires didn't find it funny.

If she wasn't on a domestic flight, she says the mix-up could have landed her in trouble with border agents or airport security.

"(The tweet) was pretty inappropriate," she said. "I didn't know whether to laugh or be angry about their response."

Palmer said the attempt at humour may have been "a little off the mark."

"We'll certainly apologize to her," he said.

As for how the booze and clothing made its way into the bag in the first place, Palmer said it was an honest mistake.

"The baggage staff noticed that a bag was open, and right next to that bag was some clothing and some cans of beer," he said. "Baggage staff decided to put the items in the bag … It was open."

For Squires, however, the explanation falls flat.

"I don't see how that could happen," she said. "I put the bag on the carousel myself. It wasn't open."

Squires says the airline asked her what she'd like to do with the clothes and beer.

She told them she doesn't want to keep the extra souvenirs.

"I obviously don't want the men's clothes or the beer," she said. "I'm going to leave it with the front desk and they're going to pick it up."

With files from CTV Vancouver