The Edmonton Humane Society has been so overwhelmed with offers to adopt a trio of large, cuddly canines that it has stopped taking applications.

More than 200 people have responded to an appeal by the EHS to give three Saint Bernard dogs a permanent home.

In less than 24 hours, enquiries have come from across Canada, the United States and even Australia, from those hoping to adopt Gasket, Gunther and Goliath.

EHS said it hopes to find a home closer to Edmonton in an effort to reduce stress on the dogs, who need to be adopted together as they suffer separation anxiety when parted.

Jamey Blair, manager of animal health and protection at EHS, told on Wednesday that the response to the society’s appeal has helped staff learn more about the animals’ past.

“They’re just a joy to be around,” she said.

“They seem to enjoy the snow more than we do. We’ve started to respond to enquiries, there are so many people that want to give these dogs a loving home.”

Because this is a unique case and the costs involved with keeping the dogs will be significant, the EHS has agreed to waive the $270 adoption fee for two of the dogs.

The dogs weigh about 120 pounds each, but could still fill out as they age and weigh up to 200 pounds.

The hungry beasts could cost prospective owners around $300 a month in food and clearly need a lot of space to burn off all that energy.

Due to the international attention, people who knew the dogs when they were pups came forward to share more details on their background.

EHS confirmed the dogs are five years old and not two as previously thought, which came as a surprise as the pets' teeth are in good condition for their breed.

It also discovered that the dogs are littermates and have been together since birth.

The brothers do everything together including eating out of the same bowl.

“With the number of applications received, we are confident we will be able to find a forever home nearby that will keep these three together,” EHS said.

The trio arrived at the shelter in mid-September and will hopefully have a new Alberta home soon.

EHS reminded people considering adopting a pet that it has hundreds of other animals, including smaller breeds of dog, cats and rabbits.