Residents in Edmonton aren’t just battling extreme cold temperatures outside – for a group of condo dwellers without proper heating, frigid temperatures have seeped indoors.

Amid extreme cold warnings blanketing the entire province of Alberta, a crucial air unit in a downtown Edmonton apartment building is pending repairs, forcing some residents to resort to desperate – and dangerous – alternatives.

A woman who lives in the Jasper Avenue building told CTV Edmonton that she’s using her stove to heat her home. She even moved her bed into the kitchen to sleep beside the appliance, keeping the oven turned on and the door open throughout the night.

“I know it’s dangerous,” the woman, named Aliyah, told CTV Edmonton. “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m like, is there going to be a fire?’ . . . I’m that cold.” 

The Edmonton resident also wears a coat indoors to keep warm.

According to the Cambridge Lofts condo board, the heating unit that broke down earlier in the week is responsible for warming all common spaces. Without the additional heat, each home is impacted by the frigid temperatures.

Erika Berney, another resident of the Edmonton condo, said despite cranking her thermostat to the highest temperature, the temperature inside her condo is hovering above the single-digit mark. All the while, hydro bills continue to rise.

“Paying 350 bucks to heat a 550-square-foot apartment is just unmanageable,” Berney told CTV Edmonton. “I wouldn’t be able to do it. That’s why I rented out.” 

The condo board treasurer told CTV Edmonton that the board doesn’t know when the air unit can be fixed.

“We’re doing the best we can right now to coordinate getting the parts, a crane in to get this all replaced, and get heat back to the common spaces,” treasurer Myles Chykerda said. 

“Without that common space heat, it is putting more stress on individual units.”

The board is also working on adding space heaters to all the common areas in the meantime, and eventually replacing all the windows.

With a report from CTV Edmonton