Some residents in East Vancouver are growing increasingly frustrated with people flocking to their neighbourhood for the perfect autumn selfie.

Red maples are a rare tree in Vancouver and can produce some vibrant leaves in the fall, meaning there are only a few streets in the city for people to add some patriotic fall flare to their social media feed.

"It's every year for six weeks," Rachel Bedet, an East Vancouver resident, told CTV Vancouver. "For the first couple weeks I find it kind of sweet, but then my irritability just kind of rises."

Residents in the area begun putting up signs advising people to stay off the lawns and keep quiet.

"It's mostly just asking people to respect the neighbourhood,” said Mike Hanafin, a fellow East Vancouver resident. "I've seen tour buses show up. I've seen people wandering up to windows. I've also seen people urinating on bushes in front of buildings."

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Allison Hurst