A dying seven-year-old boy whose community rallied together to give him an early Christmas is now in palliative care.

Evan Leversage, of St. George, Ont., was admitted to palliative care last Wednesday. He was diagnosed at age two with an inoperable brain tumour, and it began to grow in recent months.

"He doesn't appear to be in any pain or discomfort which is a small blessing in this," a family member told CTV Toronto.

Last month, Evan’s town made sure he could enjoy his favourite holiday one last time. Stores and shops put up Christmas lights, a movie special-effects company made artificial snow, and a parade was held, with Evan riding shotgun with Santa himself.

The story touched people from around the world. Days before he entered palliative care, Evan spent most of his time reading through piles of mail from as far away as Germany and France.

Evan’s family, in partnership with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, has set up a donation page. The money will go toward research into childhood brain cancer.

You can find the donation page here.