The Canada Border Services Agency is asking the public for assistance in identifying a man who entered Canada decades ago and is now being held in immigration detention.

The CBSA said the man, who appears to be over the age of 65, has refused to reveal his true identity.

In a news release, the CBSA said the man entered Canada on Aug. 2, 1969. He arrived in Montreal aboard train No. 9, via the Napierville Junction Rail Road.  The train had departed from New York City and investigators believe the man could have family in New York or elsewhere in the United States.

“Since his arrival he has claimed (and continues to claim) that he migrated to Canada to evade the military draft,” the CBSA said in a news release.

A CBSA spokesperson told that the man has had several run-ins with immigration authorities over the years and was most recently detained in October 2014. 

The man has been found inadmissible to Canada and is currently detained under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act as a potential flight risk, the CBSA said.

Anyone with information about the man’s identity is asked to contact the CBSA at 905-405-3864 or email