Six new Canadians took their oaths of citizenship 356 metres (1,167 feet) above Toronto on Tuesday, while hanging in harnesses on the edge of the CN Tower.

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Ahmed Hussen joined the six immigrants for the experience, known as the EdgeWalk. He also delivered their oath.

Marlon Blake, who immigrated from Jamaica, said he was a “bit nervous” before heading out on the edge of the tower, which is equivalent to about 116 floors above ground.

“For the first 30 seconds my heart was pounding, and after I felt better,” Blake said.

Inna Levechuk, a new citizen from Ukraine, said she was shaking at first but that it “wasn’t scary at all.”

“The wind and the breeze coming from the lake, it’s just an awesome feeling,” she said.

“I feel blessed,” Levechuk added. “I feel lucky to be here today.”

Citizenship judge Albert Wong was also present. He said he’s heard “so many wonderful stories” from new Canadians over the years.

“Some of them will stay in my mind forever,” Wong said. “Families that have come, that have gone through a lot of hardship and are now becoming a Canadian citizen.”

Wong added that Tuesday’s experience would be difficult “to top.”

The special ceremony is in recognition of Citizenship Week, which runs from Oct. 8 to 14.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Scott Lightfoot