A Roma family that was ordered last month to leave Canada has been granted a reprieve after a deportation order was cancelled.

The Canada Border Services Agency told the Lakatos family on July 28 that they had to leave the country by Aug. 11. On Thursday, the order was rescinded.

Gilda Lakatos, 17, arrived in Canada in June 2011 along with her mother Katalin Lakatos and her brother and father. The family claimed asylum on the grounds that they had faced racist police and healthcare providers in Hungary due to their Roma heritage.

The family was denied asylum and ordered deported last October. They refused to leave, but last March the father and brother were sent back to Hungary.

Gilda and her mother are currently based in Montreal.

In May, Minister of Immigration and Refugees John McCallum granted the mother and daughter two-month resident permits, which are now expired.

Last week, the pair was ordered to leave by Aug. 11. On Thursday, the order was rescinded.

Though the family’s refugee applications had been denied, they are still waiting to hear if they will be granted permanent resident status.

Demonstrators at a Montreal protest last week called on the federal government to cancel the Lakatos’ deportation order and grant them permanent resident status on humanitarian grounds.

With files from CTV Montreal