Vancouver police say they've pieced together the scene of a gang shooting where a 15-year-old youth was killed in the crossfire.

Alfred Wong was in a vehicle with his family driving down East Broadway on Jan. 13, 2018, when he was hit by a stray bullet, while 23-year-old Kevin Whiteside was shot and killed on the street.

Investigators have learned that Whiteside was waiting to kill another man who was in a nearby restaurant with a woman.

Police say in a news release that when the two people left the restaurant another person opened fire, killing both Wong and Whiteside.

Investigators have already said they believed the shooting was part of a gang dispute and the man who left the restaurant that night unhurt was murdered months later.

Police have seized a red Pontiac Montana connected to the shooting and would like to talk to those inside a dark pickup that was at the crime scene.

Sgt. Mike Heard says they released the new details because they know there are people out there who have important information on the deaths and they'd like them to come forward.

"This reckless violence really shook our community and we have zero tolerance for it in our city," Heard said Friday. "We have been in close contact with Alfred's family over the past year and have been providing them with information and support."