HALIFAX -- Members of the women's hockey team at Dalhousie University who have been suspended for the season over a hazing incident say they are consulting a lawyer.

The team issued a statement yesterday that says it is exploring its options with lawyer Ronald Pink, who could not be reached for comment.

The statement was issued after Dalhousie president Tom Traves announced he is upholding a decision to suspend most of the team.

Senior players met Monday with Traves and asked him to reverse the suspensions, which forced the team to forfeit its season.

But the university says Traves was unswayed by the team's appeal.

All but the team's rookie players were suspended January 3rd after the university in Halifax investigated allegations of hazing at a private house party last September.

The university has said the party involved excessive drinking, intimidation and humiliation, but won't elaborate because of privacy issues.

Players have accused the university of overreacting, saying no players were harmed during the evening or forced to take part in any activities.