QUEBEC -- Provincial police say a cyclist who was struck by a Quebec City police cruiser has died in hospital.

Guy Blouin, 48, was from Quebec City.

Spokeswoman Ann Mathieu says police are still investigating under what circumstances the cyclist was hit on Wednesday.

It happened around midday in front of several witnesses.

An autopsy has been ordered and further analysis of the scene was being done Thursday.

Mathieu remained prudent on a hypothesis that the police cruiser had struck Blouin after reversing quickly to block him as he was riding against traffic.

"There are many rumours going around right now, there are many witnesses who are being met and who will be met," she said.

Witnesses were able to see what happened from different angles, which will help with the reconstruction effort, Mathieu added.

"We will wait to corroborate the different witness accounts before coming up with a plausible hypothesis of what happened."

On Thursday, a cross with Blouin's name was placed before a church near where he died.

The investigation was handed over to provincial police from their Quebec City counterparts.

In Quebec, it is customary for another police force to investigate when there is an injury or death involving police.