GREENWOOD, N.S. -- There were no injuries after a small fire broke out on one of the planes flown by the Snowbirds aerobatic team as it landed on Saturday.

The nine-plane team was taking part in the Atlantic Canada International Air Show at CFB Greenwood, roughly 144 km from Halifax.

As the Tutor jets used by the Snowbirds landed, one of them stopped well before the end of the runway after a small fire was spotted around the nose wheel and two fire trucks rushed out to the runway, said Snowbirds spokesperson Michele Tremblay.

"He stopped his plane, and we advised the emergency response team," said Tremblay. "They arrived immediately, put the flames out, and (the pilots) safely disembarked."

Tremblay said Capt. Matthew Hart and Capt. Kevin Domon-Grenier, who is still in training, were in Snowbird 5 when the fire occurred.

She said any assessment of the damage to the aircraft would be "pure speculation" until the incident is investigated.

"What's the important thing right now is that our pilots are safe," said Tremblay. "They did their drills to the teeth, and tomorrow we'll carry on with our show."

Tremblay said the damaged aircraft may be replaced for Sunday's performance or the Snowbirds could fly in an eight-plane formation.

The Snowbirds have been performing since 1971.


Ooops... brake fire on the snowbird

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