An Ontario bride and groom looking to make their special day a bit greener opted to scrap some of the more wasteful wedding traditions in favour of eco-friendly options.

Rather than buying a brand-new dress, Rochelle Byrne found her gown on a resale website. Her shoes -- a pair of azure blue Manolo Blahniks that retail for $1,000 -- were purchased at Value Village for $12.99.

When she and her bridesmaids walked down the “aisle,” a stretch of grass overlooking the ocean at P.E.I. National Park, they each carried native saplings rather than bouquets. After the ceremony, they planted the new trees.

The outdoor venue was so scenic, the couple opted to skip decorations altogether.

For Byrne, who runs A Greener Future, an environmental non-profit group, the environmental tweaks didn’t make it feel like anything was missing.

“The subtle changes that we made to make it environmentally friendly, everything was perfect. There wasn’t anything we would’ve added,” Rochelle Byrne told CTV News Channel on Thursday.

The couple from Ontario decided to hold their wedding in P.E.I. because the groom, Mike Byrne, had fond childhood memories of visiting the Maritime province with family.

Rochelle agreed that P.E.I. was a smart choice on account of its sustainable reputation.

“Prince Edward Island is very environmentally friendly to begin with. They have a great waste management program, they’re very conscious because they’re on an island so there’s no place to put extra waste,” she said.

Every last detail was thought out. Mike got his suit and shirt custom-made so that he could wear them again and again. Their rings were made from recycled materials and ethically sourced gems, and they purchased carbon offsets to account for their travel.

For the newlyweds, the day couldn’t have gone any better.

“It went way better than we could’ve even planned,” Mike said.